Home Buying Tips

House SliderYou may be buying a new home because you need some more space for your growing family, or as a second or vacation home, or because it’s time to downsize to something smaller. Whatever the reason for your new home, Rancho Cal Insurance Services has some great home buying tips for you to consider as you shop for your new home. We know that home buying can be an exciting and emotional experience, and we want to help make it easier. There is so much to consider when buying a home, it can be overwhelming. To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of some home buying tips to help you prepare for your big purchase. If you have questions about your home insurance, we are here to help.

Home Buying Tips

Home Buying Tips #1: Know Your Budget. You’ll not only want to consider the cost of your monthly mortgage payment, but also think about utilities, taxes, insurance, & commuting expenses. A bigger home will mean higher utility bills, taxes, and insurance costs. If any renovations are needed for your new home, be sure to factor that expense into your budget too. Routine maintenance of your new home is important, so also consider these costs for your new home.

Home Buying Tips #2: Location is Everything. Where is your new home located in regards to your job, or to your child’s school, or to your extended family? These are all important as you consider purchasing a new home.

Home Buying Tips #3: Get Help From a Professional. A licensed realtor will be a great help to you as you search for your next home. Ask your friends or family for a recommendation, or interview a few of them to find one that you are comfortable with. Their expertise can be invaluable as you go through the home buying process. Who you choose for your mortgage lender is also important. Ask your realtor, family, and friends who they recommend. Talk to more than one mortgage lender (credit unions, banks, and online or local lenders) to find your best rate & option.

Home Buying Tips #4: Insurance Costs. You may not have thought about this one yet, but it’s important. Some locations are more difficult or more costly to insure than others. If you’re new home is near natural brush, hills, or in a remote location, the insurance costs may be more than you are expecting.

Home Buying Tips #5: Size Matters. As you look for your new home, be sure to notice the size of the yard, storage space size, bedroom size & garage size. Does the size fit your family’s needs right now? Will the size fit your growing family? If you are downsizing, does the space fit your needs? While some things can be fixed with a remodel, that can be expensive. If you don’t want to have that extra expense, pay close attention to the size of the rooms and the existing storage space to be sure it will be adequate for your family.

Rancho Cal Insurance Services is an Independent Insurance Agency offering to help you with your home, auto, and business insurance. We represent many different insurance companies which allows us to find the right insurance policy for your needs. We hope these helpful home buying tips are useful to you as you decide which home is best for your family. If you have more questions about insurance after reading these home buying tips, just give us a call. Our office has been helping clients with home insurance, car insurance, and business insurance for many years, & we would love to help you too.