Umbrella Insurance Coverage


A commercial umbrella insurance policy provides extra protection in the event of a covered loss that exceeds your business policy limits.  If there is huge accident and the covered damages are above your policy limits, your umbrella policy will extend coverage to the limits you select.

How much commercial umbrella insurance coverage do you need? There are factors that go into determining the answer, like the type of business you own and how much coverage you already have. Let one of Rancho Cal Insurance Services’s agents quote your umbrella policy today.

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Different than a business commercial umbrella policy, a personal umbrella policy can provide extra coverage for your primary home, personal autos, seasonal home, boats, RV’s, and rental properties. You can choose coverage of  1 million, 2 million, or more.  Umbrella insurance is very reasonably priced, especially when you consider the amount of additional coverage it provides.

Rancho Cal Insurance Services in Murrieta, can help you with both personal and commercial umbrella policies.  Whether you live in Murrieta, Temecula, Winchester, Menifee, or Hemet, we can help protect your personal and business assests with an umbrella policy. Give us a call or request a quote today.