Kia and Hyundai Software Upgrade

Kia and Hyundai Software UpgradeKia and Hyundai Software Upgrade. Find out how these carmakers have responded to the recent social media prank that targeted these vehicles and what you can do to get the Kia and Hyundai software upgrade for your vehicle.

You may have recently heard about the increase in Kia and Hyundai vehicle thefts due to a social media trend that promoted a car hack to allow you to start these vehicles without a key. The good news is that both Kia and Hyundai have responded to this new threat and offered Kia and Hyundai owners a Kia and Hyundai software upgrade for their vehicle. To keep you informed about this Kia and Hyundai software upgrade and why you need it, we’ve made a list of some common questions surrounding the Kia and Hyundai software upgrade.

  • Why Is There An Increase in Kia & Hyundai Vehicle Thefts?  You can blame social media for this turn of events. A trending social media topic has been taking advantage of this software flaw and giving instructions on how to start these vehicles without the use of a key. As a result of this trend, there has been an increase in Kia and Hyundai vehicle thefts.
  • What Vehicles Were Affected? Kia and Hyundai model years between 2010 and 2021.
  • How Many Vehicles are Impacted? Approximately 3.8 million Hyundai vehicles and approximately 4.5 million Kia vehicles.
  • When Will the Free Upgrade Be Available? Hyundai’s free software upgrade became available on February 14, 2023. Kia has not yet announced a specific date for it’s free software upgrade, but has said it will begin a phased roll out later this month.
  • Who Do I Contact For The Kia and Hyundai Software Upgrade? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has provided toll free numbers for both Hyundai and Kia owners to obtain information about the free software update. Additionally, Hyundai, has a consumer website specifically for this issue.

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