Prepare For An Earthquake

earthquake-gb0cfd4c1d_1920The best time to prepare for an earthquake, or any disaster, is before it happens. Rancho Cal Insurance Services is here to help you prepare for an earthquake, ahead of time. Earthquakes happen in California, it’s a simple fact. Don’t let that scare you, instead let it motivate you to prepare for an earthquake before the earthquake happens. We’ll review simple steps you can do today to help you prepare for an earthquake and give you some great resource links for even more information. Most importantly, we want you to have a plan and stay safe during an earthquake.

Prepare For An Earthquake: Things to do before an earthquake.

  • Make a supply kit. The basics of your kit include food, water, medications, first-aid items, flashlight, fire extinguisher, whistle, blankets, pet food and a battery powered radio.
  • Discuss your emergency plan with your family.
  • Get your home ready for the shaking and secure tall & top-heavy items to the walls. Check your local hardware store for earthquake bracing items.

Prepare For An Earthquake: Things to do during an earthquake.

  • “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”. Be sure to practice this with your kids too.
  • Drop: Get down on your hands & knees. If possible, crawl under something sturdy.
  • Cover: Cover your head & neck with your arms.
  • Hold On: If under something, hold it with one hand and use the other hand to cover your neck.
  • If driving, pull over and set your parking brake.
  • If outdoors, stay away from buildings and glass.

Prepare For An Earthquake: Things to do after an earthquake.

  • Expect aftershocks.
  • Apply first aid for yourself and others.
  • Don’t stay in a damaged home or building.
  • Follow your family’s emergency plan to reconnect & communicate with your family.

Prepare For An Earthquake: Additional Resources

  • American Red Cross:
  • Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills:
  • FEMA:
  • CA Earthquake Warning System, MyShake App:
  • Make A Plan:
  • CEA Earthquake Insurance:

Have your emergency supplies handy, have a plan, and protect yourself. These simple steps will help you prepare for an earthquake and stay safe. Rancho Cal Insurance Services is here to help you if you have any questions about earthquake insurance. Earthquake insurance is available for homeowners, landlords, renters, and mobile homeowners too. A little earthquake preparedness today can make a big difference for you and your family after our next earthquake event.