Safety Tips For Driving At Night

pexels-ricardo-martínez-gonzález-11914217Low light and reduced visibility make driving at night more difficult for everyone. This is true for all ages, but even more so for those of us with many years of experience. Yes, it’s true, as we age (and gain driving experience) it is more difficult to see while driving at night.  There are things you can do to help you with night driving, and we’ve made a list of safety tips for driving at night. Most importantly, Rancho Cal Insurance Services, wants everyone one of us to be safe on the road. So, no matter your age, take note of these safety tips for driving at night.

Safety Tips for Driving at Night

  • Test Your Lights. Before you drive any car, know how to use your headlights (both regular and high beams) and make sure that they are working properly and aimed in the correct position.
  • Clean Your Windshield. Sounds simple, but it’s so important. Clean both the outside and inside of your vehicle windshield routinely.
  • Reduce the interior lighting while driving at night. Check your vehicle settings to make this adjustment.
  • Don’t speed. Maintain a safe speed and slow down when visibility is low.
  • Have annual vision exams. Cataracts and glaucoma can affect your vision, so visit your eye doctor annually. If you wear glasses, choose anti-reflective lenses.
  • Use your high beams when it is safe to do so. Just remember to switch back to regular beams when an oncoming car is within 500 ft.
  • Be a defensive driver. Brush up on your defensive driving skills by taking an online or in-person class in defensive driving. Check your local community center or
  • Don’t drink and drive. This also pertains to medications that may make you drowsy. Talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist about your medication side effects. If drowsiness is a side effect, don’t drive while your taking that medication.
  • Don’t drive at night! If you are uncomfortable driving at night, then it may be best not to drive at night and only drive during daylight hours. If you need transportation at night, consider asking friends, relatives, or neighbors to assist you; or look into Uber or Lyft as another option.

Staying safe on the road should be everyone’s top priority. We all can do our part by avoiding alcohol and drowsiness inducing medication before we get behind the wheel. Keeping your car working properly and making sure we keep our eyes healthy are additional steps that we can all easily accomplish. Safety tips for driving at night is provided to remind you of simple steps for driving safely at night. Rancho Cal Insurance Services would like everyone to arrive safely to their destination by following these safety tips for driving at night. Once you arrive safely home, remember that we are here to help you with your car, home, and business insurance.